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How is TMJ treated? | Fallston, MD

A temporomandibular disorder, commonly called TMJ, can have a variety of different causes and just as many symptoms, often leaving many patients suffering unknowingly until they develop more severe dental problems as a result. TMJ can often be the underlying cause of recurring headaches, neck and jaw pain as well as a number of dental problems, such as gum disease.

Caused by an imbalance somewhere in the occlusal system (the bite), TMJ can be difficult to treat successfully and for the long term without proper diagnosis of the underlying problem in the bite.

Dr. Melissa Elliott, DDS, is one a few dentists in the Fallston area with advanced training in the area of bite disorders and the complex dental issues that they can create. Using some of the latest in dental technology, Dr. Elliott offers patients not only a thorough dental exam, but performs a bite analysis in order to determine where instability is occurring within a person’s bite.

Combined with any possible symptoms a patient may be experiencing, Dr. Elliott will take this analysis and devise a customized TMJ therapy treatment plan aimed at providing long lasting, comfortable results that will address all oral health issues. Dr. Elliott may recommend one or more of the following to treat TMJ in a patient:

Oral appliance therapy: using a mouth guard at night to prevent teeth grinding
Restorative dentistry: often used to repair worn or damaged teeth or to correct the alignment of the bite
Orthodontics: to realign the bite and straighten teeth.

The symptoms of TMJ can often be disruptive to sleep and daily routines- getting treatment will relieve the stress caused by TMJ and restore oral health. If you are concerned that you may have TMJ, schedule a consultation with Dr. Elliott at Lazer and Associates Family Dentistry in Fallston.