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Benefits of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces can be a practical solution for teens and adults with crooked teeth. Invisible braces can discreetly realign your teeth and give you a beautiful smile you have always wanted. At Harford County Dentistry, Dr. Melissa Elliott offers Invisalign as solutions to discreetly and effectively…


Preventing Gum Disease

At Harford County Dentistry in Fallston, MD, your oral health is important to us. General dentist Dr. Melissa Elliot takes the time to address your dental concerns and provide the most effective treatment for your needs. We work with you to…


It’s National Oral Hygiene Month!

Taking proper care of your teeth can help keep your smile protected in the future. At Harford County Dentistry, we believe practicing an appropriate oral hygiene routine, and scheduling biannual visits to our Fallston dentist office can increase your chance of maintaining a healthy,…


Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Are you embarrassed to smile because of your missing teeth? Well, we may have good news for you at Lazer & Associates Family Dentistry. Dr. Melissa Elliott is a highly skilled dentist in Fallston, MD, dedicated to provided exception patient-focused…


FAQS Tooth Enamel Erosion

At Lazer & Associates Family Dentistry in Fallston, MD, Dr. Mellissa Elliot, DDS is an experienced dentist who is dedicated to helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Dr. Elliot works closely with each patient to address their dental concerns and determine which treatment is right…


Benefits of Flossing

Flossing is an integral part of your oral hygiene routine. Flossing can help remove debris, food particles, and bacteria between the teeth. Not flossing regularly can cause debris to turn into tartar and plaque, and may eventually lead to complex…


Dental Implant FAQs

Fallston, MD restorative dentist Dr. Melissa Elliott can help you determine if dental implants can restore your natural and beautiful smile. Dental implants can help patients regain confidence in their smiles and provide a stable oral foundation for optimal oral…


Women & Gum Health

Throughout life, women experience several major hormonal shifts. These hormonal changes have been shown to increase their risk of developing gum disease during these specific stages of life. Hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause could affect the health…


Fight The Flu With Oral Hygiene

Flu season is upon us and with our busy schedules, no one has the time to spend feeling under the weather. Your oral health can play an important role in preventing and fighting the flu. Fallston, MD family dentist Dr.…


Oral Cancer In Men

Oral cancer is one of the most fatal cancers because it is often not diagnosed until the later stages of development. Men are two times more likely to develop oral cancer and are less likely to visit the dentist. Fallston,…