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Dental Implant FAQs

Fallston, MD restorative dentist Dr. Melissa Elliott can help you determine if dental implants can restore your natural and beautiful smile. Dental implants can help patients regain confidence in their smiles and provide a stable oral foundation for optimal oral…


Women & Gum Health

Throughout life, women experience several major hormonal shifts. These hormonal changes have been shown to increase their risk of developing gum disease during these specific stages of life. Hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause could affect the health…


Fight The Flu With Oral Hygiene

Flu season is upon us and with our busy schedules, no one has the time to spend feeling under the weather. Your oral health can play an important role in preventing and fighting the flu. Fallston, MD family dentist Dr.…


Oral Cancer In Men

Oral cancer is one of the most fatal cancers because it is often not diagnosed until the later stages of development. Men are two times more likely to develop oral cancer and are less likely to visit the dentist. Fallston,…


Welcome To Our Dentist Family!

Dr. Melissa Elliott and our dental care team welcomes you and your family to Lazer & Associates Family Dentistry! Our Fallston dentist office offers our patients quality dental care in a welcoming and warm environment. For comprehensive and personal dental…


Alleviate Dry Mouth

Have you noticed a sudden increase in cavities? Have you recently started a new medication? Dry mouth is prominent side effect of more than 500 medications. Prescription drugs for conditions such as allergies, high blood pressure, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease…


The Horrors Of Hard Candy

The month of October can be “sugar season” as Halloween candy fills the store shelves and your kitchen cabinet. There are bowls of treats everywhere just waiting to trick your teeth! Don’t give Dr. Melissa Elliott a fright at your…


Taking Care Of Oral Health Needs

Do you have unused dental health benefits or HSA/FSA dollars? Have you missed your dental appointment recently and need to reschedule? Now is the time to check your balances and your schedule to make sure your oral health needs have…


How To Get Whiter Teeth With The Right Foods

When we want a brighter smile, we tend to use whitening products to remove discoloration and staining. However, they’re not the only option for a whiter smile. Certain foods can actually prevent staining and discoloration by helping to maintain healthy…


Tooth Replacement

Restore your smile with tooth replacement options. Tooth replacement has come a long way in recent years due to increasing technology. Common treatments to replace missing teeth include dental bridges and dental implants. Patients often wonder what is the difference…