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Alleviate Dry Mouth

Have you noticed a sudden increase in cavities? Have you recently started a new medication?

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Dry mouth is prominent side effect of more than 500 medications. Prescription drugs for conditions such as allergies, high blood pressure, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease all carry the risk of causing dry mouth.

Dry mouth is a common factor for new cavity development in adult patients as well as persistent bad breath, or halitosis.

Dry mouth may also be an indicator of other medical conditions. If you experience persistent dry mouth, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Fallston dentist Dr. Melissa Elliott.

Dry Mouth decreases production of saliva causing your mouth to feel dry and irritated. Dry mouth can cause difficulty speaking, chewing and swallowing. Used to wash away debris and neutralize acids, saliva helps to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Saliva is your body’s natural oral cleaner.

The lack of saliva flow in your mouth can lead to food and bacteria build up in your teeth. Without abundant saliva, your mouth becomes more susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Through regular visits to Fallston family dentist Dr. Elliott you can catch dry mouth early and possibly prevent further tooth decay due to dry mouth. Dr. Elliott treats each patient as an individual and takes time to hear your dental concerns and cosmetic goals.

After a comprehensive oral exam Dr. Elliot can suggest conservative dental treatments to help restore your dental health. Dr. Elliot offers a full service of restorative and cosmetic dentistry to help repair the potential damage of dry mouth. Some treatment options include composite “white” dental fillings, dental inlays and onlays as well as restorative options for old or broken fillings.

There are also some simple routine ways to help alleviate dry mouth and help to stimulate saliva production. Always consult with Fallston dentist Dr. Elliott and your medical doctor before starting any new oral health care routine. It is always important to discuss any medications you are on with your dentist. Try some of the following tips to help avoid future tooth decay due to dry mouth.

Alleviate Dry Mouth

Hydrate: Drinking more water is good for your whole body. Drinking water will keep your mouth lubricated, alleviating dry mouth symptoms, and helping to wash out your mouth.

Sugar Free Treats: Sugar free gum or lozenges can help to stimulate saliva production. Saliva helps to clean plaque out of the spaces in between your teeth.

Don’t Agitate: Try to eliminate any beverages that may agitate dry mouth. Coffee, alcohol and acidic fruit juices can all make dry mouth worse.

Products: There are over-the-counter oral moisturizers and mouthwashes that can help to moisturize the mouth. Look for the ADA seal on oral health products for their high quality and effectiveness. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask Dr.Elliot what product is best for your specific oral health needs.

If you feel you are suffering from dry mouth, or have questions about your medications and their effect on your oral health, contact our Fallston dentist office or schedule an online appointment. Dr. Elliot can offer you an oral health exam and determine the best dental treatment plan for your needs.