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How Stress Impacts Your Oral Health

Americans are going through a lot more stress than usual with the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the country. Stress impacts both our body and mind. But do you know the effects it has on your oral health? Dr. Melissa Elliott…


COVID19: A Letter to Patients

Dear Friends, I wanted to address the COViD19 virus that is circulating our population and dominating our attention in the last few weeks. This is not the first contagious illness that has circulated our country nor will it be the…


Do You Have Gum Disease?

The early signs of gum disease can sometimes be difficult to spot. But, if you notice some odd changes with your mouth, it’s not something you should ignore. Call your dentist in Bel Air, MD for a checkup. Dr. Melissa…


Root Canal FAQs

If you’re suffering from tooth pain, you may have to get a root canal. While this procedure has a bad reputation, it’s nothing you have to be afraid of. Harford County Dentistry’s Dr. Melissa Elliott, an experienced dentist in Bel…


Could Your Snoring Be Something More?

Snoring can be normal to occasionally happen when you sleep. But if it’s chronic, constant, and interfering with the sleep of your partner, it could be sleep apnea. You may not think of going to a dentist in Fallston, MD…


What is Oral Appliance Therapy?

At Harford County Dentistry, we specialize in comprehensive oral health care. That’s why we offer services in airway dentistry, related to sleep disorders that can have oral symptoms. Here, we can show you how oral appliance therapy can help you…


What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

You’ve probably at least heard the term cosmetic dentistry before, but do you know what cosmetic dentistry in Bel Air can do for you? Harford County Dentistry offers multiple treatments in the cosmetic dentistry realm to give you the beautiful…


What is Airway Dentistry?

Airway dentistry focuses on the healthy development and maintenance of your airway, which can be impacted by enlarged tonsils, muscle tension in the jaw joints, bite function, and the structure of the throat and neck. Dr. Melissa Elliott and her…


What is Sleep Apnea?

If you or your partner snore it can be a sign of sleep apnea. One of the most common types of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea, which obstructs the airway during sleep. When you fall asleep, the tissues in…


Teeth Whitening Q&A

Are you tired of dull, discolored teeth? Brighten your smile with teeth whitening treatment at Harford County Dentistry. Dr. Melissa Elliott and her professional team will work with you to provide personalized care that aligns with your oral health, budget,…