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Cosmetic Dentistry Forest Hill, MD

We are a  cosmetic dentist located in Fallston, MD seeing patients from numerous surrounding communities. Patients from Forest Hill, MD, travel to Harford County Dentistry seeking expert cosmetic dental care.

Cosmetic dentistry has the power to boost your self-confidence. Investing in the appearance of your smile can help you flourish in your personal and professional life.

Cosmetic Dentistry Forest Hill, MD

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

Cosmetic dentistry is a powerful solution that can transform your smile and enhance your natural beauty. Dr. Teddy Umo offers patients from Forest Hill, MD the opportunity to make changes to their teeth that are affordable and effective.

He can perform a complete smile makeover or make subtle changes. Whatever you need to help you gain confidence and love your smile again. Harford County Dentistry offers many cosmetic treatments including the following:

  • Tooth Whitening – We offer the Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening system for those who wish to brighten their dull, stained teeth. This is the most popular teeth whitening system available and is capable of whitening your teeth up to 8 shades. We can complete it in the office in about an hour. It is quick, safe, and very effective.
  • Invisalign – As an Invisalign® provider, Dr. Umo can utilize clear aligners to straighten out crooked teeth. This invisible aligner system is more discreet than metal braces and is still very efficient at gently moving the teeth into proper alignment. Not only can we use Invisalign for crooked teeth, but it is also a suitable treatment for overbites, cross-bites, underbites, and gaps in between teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers – We often use dental veneers on patients who are looking for a total makeover or when other treatments simply will not work. They are thin ceramic shells that adhere to teeth and will hide any cosmetic issues your teeth have. People whose teeth will not respond to whitening treatments can still have a bright smile with porcelain veneers. You can also use teeth veneers for worn down, gapped, chipped, broken, or crooked teeth.

What to Expect

A cosmetic dental consultation is the first step in your journey. You will meet one-on-one with Dr. Umo in our Forest Hill, MD dentist office where he will analyze your smile and examine your entire mouth.

At this time, you can communicate what you like and dislike about your teeth and smile as well as what you hope the end result will be. We will put together a Smile Design that will address your cosmetic issues.

If you suffer from any oral health problems, we will want to address those issues first. Having a dentist treat those issues before any cosmetic work will ensure lasting results. These problems may include things like gum disease, malocclusion, and tooth decay.

If you are ready to take the next step in creating a beautiful smile, contact Harford County Dentistry today! You can reach us at 410-994-2627 to schedule an appointment, or you can fill out an online form to request one. We welcome patients from many surrounding areas, including Forest Hill, Maryland.