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Preventative Dentistry: What To Expect

At Harford County Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services to the Bel Air community. Perhaps some of the most important services that we offer are our preventative dentistry services. Preventative dentistry services include dental cleanings, exams, and diagnostic x-rays. Fallston MD dentist officeThe American Dental Association recommends that each patient visit their dentist once every six months for routine preventative care. Learn what you can expect during your preventative dentistry appointments below:

Dental Cleaning

A significant portion of your preventative dentistry appointments will be the dental cleaning. Preformed by a trained dental hygienist, the dental cleaning includes removing any plaque or tartar on your teeth. Plaque and tartar are formed by food residues that have been left on your teeth long enough to harden.

If they remain on your teeth for extended amounts of time, the bacteria inside of them will begin to eat away at your healthy soft tissues, leading to gum disease development. The best way to prevent gum disease, aside from brushing and flossing twice a day, is to never skip a dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar should be routinely removed to prevent unwanted dental concerns.

Dental Exam

Following your dental cleaning, Dr. Comeau, your Fallston, MD dentist, will evaluate your smile and address any noted dental concerns. If there are dental concerns that need to be addressed, you will receive an individualized treatment plan that best meets your needs. Our goal is to address minor issues before they develop into major dental concerns. However, if it has been a while since you sat in the dental chair, we welcome you to join our dental family.

Our team will work with you to address existing concerns and get you back on track toward good dental health. If you have any questions about improving or maintaining your dental health, feel free to ask Dr. Comeau during your dental exam. She will make sure all of your questions are answered before the end of your appointment.

Diagnostic X-Rays

Many dental concerns occur beneath your soft tissues. While we can evaluate your smile during your cleaning and exam, we also need to know what is going on beneath the surface. This is why we take diagnostic x-rays to ensure that developing or aging smiles are progressing as intended. We also take x-rays to monitor wisdom tooth development to help our patients avoid experiencing impacted wisdom teeth.

These x-rays come in handy when you are in need of dental services that require us to have a full picture of your dental health. If it has been over six months since the last time you sat in the dental chair, we welcome you to visit our Fallston, MD dentist office. Please schedule an appointment online, and we look forward to seeing you soon.