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Dental Bridge Fallston, MD

Dental bridges have been a traditional treatment option for replacing one or several consecutive missing teeth. Depending on your personal oral health and cosmetic goals, we may recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile. Dental bridges are often a cost-effective alternative to dental implants.

A dental bridge is permanently bonded to “anchor” teeth on either side of the gap. The surrounding teeth secure the bridge in place, adding strength and providing structure for the bridge. You can also choose to get dental implants to secure the bridge.

Dental implants can provide long-term oral health benefits and do not require the preparation of neighboring teeth. Bridges secured by implants are generally much stronger and more secure than bridges that are not implant-secured. The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Reduced risk of bone loss – The titanium implant fixture serves as a prosthetic tooth root and helps to stabilize the bone tissue where a tooth is lost.
  • Natural function – Dental implants are essentially prosthetic teeth. They will permanently secure a custom dental restoration which will allow you to speak normally and improve your chewing ability.

The Dental Bridge Process

A dental bridge is a row of prosthetic teeth a dentist fused together. Your dentist will cement two adjacent natural teeth to stabilize your bridge. We will prepare your mouth for your dental bridge by adjusting the surrounding teeth to fit the bridge.

A dental lab will fabricate a custom-designed bridge that will fit in your mouth comfortably. We will color-match it to blend in with your natural teeth providing a natural-looking appearance. Once complete, we will bond this bridge structure into the mouth so that your restoration is secure and gives you back normal function.

We will create a custom treatment plan for you if you choose a dental implant to secure your bridge. For the surgical placement phase of the implant process, we will be coordinating with a local oral surgeon or periodontist.

We will place a temporary dental bridge for your comfort. After a 3 to 6-month healing period, you will return to our Fallston dentist office for the permanent placement of your dental bridge.

Dental Bridge vs. Dental Implants

A Dental Bridge In Fallston MD

A dental implant-secured bridge does not involve using your healthy adjacent teeth. The dentist takes many things into consideration when selecting dental bridges vs. implants. While dental implants are the closest thing to a natural tooth, not everyone is a candidate. You need to have adequate bone structure to support the dental implant.

Depending on the location of the missing tooth or teeth, a dental implant may not be a good choice and a partial denture will be an ideal treatment. We will evaluate your smile before beginning treatment to determine what is the best restorative treatment for you.

Another difference between a dental bridge vs implant is the cost. Dental implants require a more significant investment initially than dental bridges do. However, dental implants are less likely to need future work or maintenance.

Dental bridges are an economical procedure for replacing missing teeth. With proper maintenance, dental bridges can be an effective restorative dental treatment. We recommend scheduling regular dental examinations and cleanings to ensure that you are maintaining your bridge at home and that your oral health is in check.

Dental Bridge FAQs

Do you have further questions about dental bridges? Continue reading to find answers to questions patients commonly ask in our office.

How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Bridges do not require a lot of additional care. As long as you are implementing great brushing and flossing techniques, your bridge will last a long time. Be sure to floss underneath the ‘false’ tooth in order to keep the bridge area clean. Your dentist and dental hygienist will go over care instructions at your next appointment.

How long will my bridge last?

Your bridge may last around 10 to 15 years or even longer. Bridges are durable and will last a long before you have to replace it. You might need to replace a bridge sooner if you are experiencing gum pain, gum infections around the bridge, and toothaches on the anchor teeth.

Can I take my dental bridge out anytime?

No. A traditional dental bridge attaches to your teeth and mouth. You cannot make adjustments without involving your dentist. If you are looking for a removable option, consider dentures.

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