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Multiple Dental Implants Fallston, MD

The chance that you will make it through life with all of your natural teeth is slim. If you currently practice bad oral hygiene habits or suffer from periodontal disease, the chances are much higher that you will lose teeth or need damaged teeth extracted.

You will be faced with a difficult decision as well; how should I replace my missing teeth? Dentures and partial dentures are possibilities but they have many disadvantages when compared to dental implants.

Dental implants have been used for decades but advances in dental technology have made them even more superior. They have a success rate and a high satisfaction rate over removable prosthetics such as dentures and partial dentures.

Your natural teeth are best for your oral health, but dental implants are now considered the number one replacement option when multiple teeth are missing. If you are missing two or more teeth,  Fallston restorative dentist Dr. Kimberly Comeauoffers multiple dental implants.

implant-supported dentures in Fallston Maryland

Multiple Dental Implants

If you have multiple missing teeth, it will require anywhere from two to eight dental implants to secure a dental prosthesis. We suggest that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Comeau to determine exactly how many you need. When replacing multiple teeth, a very precise treatment plan is needed.

Dr. Comeau works with talented, local Fallston, MD oral surgeons and periodontists to determine the kind of teeth implants you will need. The options you have to replace multiple teeth with dental implants include:

Dental Implant Supported Denture

If you are missing most or all of their teeth, an implant-secured denture can be used to replace them. Two to eight implants will be surgically placed in the jaw bone to support a customized denture. The number of implants needed to properly support a denture will depend on where the implants are being placed (in the upper or lower jaw) and will ultimately be decided by the dentist.

Denture implants offer patients a better quality of life compared to removable dentures.

Dental Implant Supported Dental Bridge

If you have several consecutive missing teeth, an implant-secured dental bridge may be used to replace them. This type of dental restoration will require about two implants (sometimes more depending on the number and location of the teeth that will be replaced). The dental implants need to be surgically placed on both sides of the gap where three or more missing teeth are located.

Several Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

For patients with several missing teeth that are not consecutive, Dr. Comeau will recommend replacing each one with a single implant-secured crown. One dental implant will be surgically placed in the jaw bone where the missing tooth is located and restored with a custom made dental crown.

Choosing multiple dental implants to replace your missing or damaged teeth is the best choice for your oral health. Implants are the only option that replaces the teeth at the root which offers stimulation for the jaw bone that will help reduce the chances of bone loss.

Dental implants will not compromise the integrity of the healthy, surrounding teeth. For a consultation, call 410-994-2627 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.

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