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Are Multiple Dental Implants the Right Choice?

If even one tooth is missing from your mouth, your bite could suffer. And if you have multiple teeth missing, you’re potentially weakening your jaw and gum strength. With multiple dental implants in Fallston, MD, however, you can restore your natural smile.

Filling in the gaps with dental implants provides support for your remaining teeth and could prevent further damage. How many implants and what type of restoration you need depends on how many teeth are missing and where.

MULTIPLE DENTAL IMPLANTS in Fallston MD can help with a variety of dental issues

Reasons to Get Multiple Dental Implants in Fallston, MD

Getting one implant for a single missing tooth may seem like an obvious option. But when you’re missing multiple teeth, you also have other treatment options to consider. While dentures and partial dentures can help, dental implants have continued to improve with better technology. 

Better Structural Support

Dental implants are small devices that screw into your jaw. (Don’t worry; you’ll be numbed/under anesthesia when your oral surgeon attaches them). Unlike dentures that just sit over your gums, implants go inside your gums to provide structural support.

Dental implants make it more likely for your jaw to retain its strength after losing multiple teeth. This means you’ll be able to continue enjoying most of the foods and activities you love once restorative work is complete. 

Improved Oral Care Routine

When you use dentures or partials, you have to adopt a whole new oral hygiene routine. Not only do you have to keep the appliance itself clean and safe, but you also have to take extra care of your exposed gums when the appliance is out. With dental implants, however, you can carry on with routine brushing and flossing.

Your dentist will provide you with some additional steps and tips to keep your implants and restorations healthy, but the process is often less involved than with dentures. 

Long-Term Durability

While improvements to denture technology have made them more durable and long-lasting, dental implants still tend to last longer overall. Typically, a denture or partial will need to be replaced every few years to ensure it’s strong and healthy for your mouth.

Dental implants, however, can last a lifetime with proper care and routine hygiene appointments. While you’ll still need to get the restorative work (such as a crown or bridge) fixed or replaced every now and then, dental implants could help save you time and money on future dental appointments.

Wondering if Multiple Dental Implants are Right for You?

If you’re missing multiple teeth, consult Dr. Melissa Elliot about your treatment options. While some patients may benefit from a denture or partial dentures, most see improved oral health and strength with dental implants.

Call Harford County Dentistry today at (410) 994-2627 to learn more about multiple dental implants in Fallston, MD. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific case and develop a customized treatment plan that fits your needs.