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Teeth Grinding Bel Air, MD

Bruxism is often referred to as “teeth grinding” and affects millions of people. What causes teeth grinding is not unknown but there are many theories. Sleep apnea, jaw position, tooth position, trauma, repetitive strain, and stress are just some of the few speculated causes of the grinding.

Stress can either be from environmental sources and/or stress in the occlusal system. When the teeth, jaw joints and muscles aren’t working in harmony, it creates tension which leads to facial pain, headaches, teeth grinding and other problems.

Many are not aware that they have the condition because most people grind their teeth at night while they are sleeping.

Bel Air, MD dentist, Dr. Teddy Umo, can easily diagnose teeth grinding through a simple visual examination during your routine checkups. The good news is it can be easily treated especially if the underlying causes can be determined.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

  • Worn teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Persistent sensitive teeth
  • Pain or tightness in the jaw joints or jaw muscles
  • Chronic headaches
  • Earache and/or facial pain
  • Damaged tissue on the inside of your cheek

Treatment for Teeth Grinding

Dr. Umo offers treatments for people who suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism). One of the quickest and most effective treatments for teeth grinding is a night guard or mouthguard. Many people can curb teeth grinding by practicing better dietary habits or relaxation methods.

Dr. Umo will treat and correct the source of the problem and then will repair any damage as a result of teeth grinding.

Bruxism can cause a lot of damage to your teeth, gums and jaw. The dangers of teeth grinding are actually extensive and should be treated as soon as it is noticed. It can lead to tooth sensitivity, TMJ disorders, and wear down the tooth enamel. On the most extreme end, teeth grinding can cause damage to the bone structure of the jaw and even severe tooth damage or loss.

Control the Teeth Grinding – Dr. Umo frequently uses a teeth grinding mouth guard to stop the grinding at her Bel Air, MD dentist office. A teeth grinding mouth guard is a customized, removable appliance made to fit snugly over your teeth and prevent teeth grinding.

Mouth guards are typically worn at night, however some patients wear their teeth grinding mouth guards during high stress situations such as while driving.

Repair Damage – Once the teeth grinding causes have been successfully treated, Dr. Umo will focus on repairing the worn down, chipped or broken teeth. Chronic teeth grinding can leave teeth worn, chipped or broken and even affect the health of the gums.

Dr. Umo can use dental crowns, porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding to repair teeth and give you back a healthy, functional and beautiful smile.

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