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Dentures Bel Air, MD

Harford County Dentistry understands the physical and emotional difficulty caused by missing teeth. Dr. Melissa Elliott offers a full range of teeth replacement options that can give you back a beautiful, comfortable and functional smile at her Bel Air, MD restorative dentistry office.

Today’s dentures are more technologically advanced than ever before. There are many options for patients including implant dentures, which provide stable and aesthetically pleasing results for patients. We will evaluate your oral health and discuss the most suitable options for your consideration.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are custom made artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth and some of the gum tissue. Full dentures are used to replace a whole row of missing teeth. Partial dentures are used to replace gaps of missing teeth. They are made in a dental lab using impressions of your mouth. Dentures take some time to get used and require a lot of care. Dentures will also need replaced or adjusted over time. Dr. Elliott gives her patients the option of fixed dentures that require less maintenance.

Types of Dentures Offered

Dentures are custom made artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth and some of the gum tissue. They are made in a dental lab with impressions of your mouth. Dr. Elliott offers removable dentures as well as fixed, permanent dentures in her Bel Air, MD dentist office.

Partial Denture: Where full dentures replace the entire lower or upper set of teeth, partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth. Like full dentures, they can either be fixed or removable. Partial dentures are similar to a dental bridge. If the partial denture is fixed, it is either secured in place using dental crowns or dental implants.

Full Dentures: Full dentures are used to replace all of the upper or lower teeth. Dentures can either be fixed or removable. Fixed dentures, also called implant dentures, are anchored by dental implants. As few as four dental implants may be needed to secure the denture in place, greatly increasing the success rate and satisfaction of the denture.

Implant Dentures: Dentures secured by dental implants permanently attach dentures to the jaw using strategically placed dental implants. Dental implant secured dentures provide the highest rate of patient satisfaction. Whenever possible, Dr. Elliott will recommend implant dentures because they offer a number of benefits when compared to removable dentures including:

  • Better retention, no chance of slippage
  • Improved health of bone and gums
  • Ability to eat without restrictions
  • No adhesives needed
  • More natural look and feel

Schedule a Consultation

If you are missing teeth and interested in getting dentures in Bel Air, MD and Fallston, MD, schedule an appointment with Dr. Elliott. She will discuss your cosmetic goals and budget concerns to determine which kind of dentures are right for you.